Life Health and Wellness Center,
  A Non Profit Corporation

Providing health care when there is a need


We also have a new addition to our Wellness Program with a focus to help women survivors of cancer. 

We have patients with depression and sadness during their cancer treatments and completion of treatment. So by patient request, this program was started. The Self- Image Coach promotes group discussions that focus on positive imaging to promote time for "me" and getting their life back and looking beautiful.

 The program provides resources , education about make-up,  affordable exquisite wigs and personal touch items for cancer survivors.


This organization is supported by Amazon Smiles:

 Donations can be sent to   

LHW medical center/ Mirror Mirror at 6605 N 19 ave, Suite B,                                                                                                                                                              Phoenix, AZ 85015.

 Women helping women to feel the joy of being a survivor.

Cancer Warriors Meet every Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm at 6605 N 19 ave Suite B, Phoenix , AZ 

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MirrorMirror is a Beauty Collection of Prosthesis and Cosmetic Enhancement available for Women of Health Challenges.

We carry wigs, nipples, body griddles and eyelashes.  

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