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Who We Are

At Life Health and Wellness Center, A non profit Corporation we are focused on providing both medical and mental health services including health care education with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We offer evidence based health care with an integrative model of providers. Our population includes Veterans,

Native Americans and the under served populations: homeless individuals men and women, families, and Victims of Human Trafficking of all nationalities and ethnicity. We currently offer integrative healthcare services in the Phoenix Dream Center Wellness Center.We also has a partnership with the Foundation for Disabled Veterans of America to provide Integrated Medical and Behavioral Health Services. Health care is provided low or no cost discount sliding scale. Call for more information today.

Why Us?

Life Health and Wellness Center will also provide an integrated medical and behavioral health care to patients and will not discriminate against any persons according to race, religion, Color, Sex, National origin, Disability, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Inability to Pay.

To maximize our impact on current efforts, we seek to collaborate with other non-profit organizations.

We are an approved National Health Service Corp site.

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