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Providing Health Care for people in need

Providing health care to the homeless, under-insured and uninsured!

Life Health and Wellness Center, A Non Profit Corporation is focused on providing high-quality evidence based health care services in our clinics. There are too many homeless people without health care. These people are dying daily due to chronic diseases and mental health illness that can be controlled or cured with medical treatment.

Our team of health care providers are here to help this population by providing healthcare. We have worked with this diverse population and continue to work our population here in Arizona which consist of homeless Veterans, Native Americans, Hispanics, African American, Refugees, Aged out Foster care young adults, and Victims of Human Trafficking. We also develop programs to assist Cancer Survivors.

We are changing the way health care is provided by offering an integrative approach to health care. Medical and Mental Health Needs!

Since we are a 501c3 all donations are considered charitable donations under IRS.

Please come to see us at

5040 N 15 ave

Suite 105

Phoenix, AZ 85017


This integrative team consist of a medical team and a behavioral health team of professionals. The medical team consist of nurse practitioners with years of experience treating medical patients using evidence based treatment plans and The behavioral health team consists of psychologists and behavioral health technician trained in traumatized patient management and treatment and many other mental health issues. We offer mental health evaluations and Treatment. Below you find the Crisis Hotline in case of Emergencies.


(602) 416-7600


(520) 301-2400




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